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Fellow Lions, I was incontact with the health inspector for my area regarding options and regulations for organizations such as ours for take-out / food service fundraisers. After our conversation here are some points which were highlighted. He explained to me there is no document of regulations for such an activity be we are to follow the regulations for public spaces and also those for restaurants. If you have any other questions I would suggest contacting your MHA or local health inspector, I have also attached the link to the contact list for the Government Service Centers in Newfoundland, they will direct you in the right direction. Recommended Protocol for Take-out fundraisers

● Follow public non medical face mask protocol

● Where possible provide one entrance and one exit

● Where possible direct flow of patrons to keep from mingling

● Provide hand sanitizer upon entrance

● Mark safe distance areas, 6 feet apart, on floor for waiting partons

● Lay down arrows to provide direction of flow

● Member in contact with partons to serve should have barrier or wear a non medical face mask/shield

Tickets should be sold and funds should be collected prior to event to reduce amount of connectivity during event, non contact payments, such as email money transfers, are recommended where possible

● Server should have access to sanitizer and sanitize station and themself after each transaction.

● If washroom are to be used, they should be fully stocked with soap, sanitizer and other items, they should be sanitized frequently

● Members working in kitchen should follow public non medical face mask protocol where possible

● Dine-in options are permitted but you are to follow the same regulations as restaurants; only six are permitted to one table, tables need to be spaced far enough apart to enable physical distancing regulations and the patrons are to be seated and then one of the members need to serve them. Once finished the table and items adjacent need to be sanitized.

● Contact tracing should be made available, suggestion is for each member to keep track of who they sold tickets/suppers too. A list should be compiled and kept on record

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