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From St John’s Lions Club


1) Max. allowance is building is 50% to a  100 people of the Fire Dept recommendations if the 6 ft min. social distancing can be maintained

2) masks must be worn if moving around building

3) hand sanitizer must be available

4) depending on building max in washrooms must be maintained as per the 6ft  min social distancing.

5) table and chairs have to maintain 6 social distances.

6) no food or alcohol can be served (buildings with licence will have to check with NLLC)

7) people in bubbles can sit together, no way to police their word will have to do

8) name, phone number and addresses must be taken at each event for tracking purposes 


Here are items that are specific to Open Mic Nights.


1) seating has to be min of 12 feet from the stage area

2) performers have to supply their own mics

3) 6 ft. min social distancing on stage

4) performers can remove their masks while on stage but social distancing must be maintained unless they are in the same bubble'

5) performers are part of the max allowable in the building


These are the rules we go by and they seem to work but it can get difficult to maintain max in building, our building according to the 6 ft social distancing rule. If there was no Covid we should be able to get 60 people in the club including performers however we can only get around 45 max'

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